Our Story

Hey! It's me,  Jay - founder of blknvegan.

My goal is to start more conversations about veganism, normalize plant based diets, and change the stereotype of what vegans can look like.

Veganism has been known to be “light and airy” and I wanted something a little bit more real and relatable. I wanted to express and capture Black veganism. To accomplish this, I started creating content and designing vegan apparel with Hip Hop vibes.

Just like Hip Hop, blknvegan is here for everyone to experience. All are welcome. 

Also, know this. When you wear a piece of blknvegan apparel, it is an act of activism through fashion, service to the community, and display of compassion.


Supporting The Community

blknvegan is committed to improving the lives and community of those that support us
That's why we're committed donating 3% of profits from every purchase to organizations that provide vegan resources to underserved communities such as AfroVegan Society, social justice organizations such as Equal Justice Initiative and various animal sanctuaries.
If you run an organization providing vegan resources and/or animal protection, please reach out to us. We'd love to partner with you.

Let's do this!

Also, I'm a real person! That's me in the middle. You can follow me on IG @djjaymurch


Jay Murch blknvegan apparel